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Mastering New Essentials: Leader Skills 5

The BJA Executive Session on Police Leadership gathers brief, informal audio opinions on important and emerging issues.  We are grateful to our contributors for sharing their perspectives and giving of their time.

In this installment of our audio series, Deputy Chief Shon Barnes, Chief Carmen Best and Chief (ret’d) Terry Gainer answer the question: “What must leaders do to ‘step up’ and talk to the media?” Each provides a perspective on why and how to bridge the divide between these two institutions with, after all, similar missions. In a 24/7 news and information world, police leaders and sheriffs need to reach out to engage the media.  “No comment” is no longer an option.

What must leaders do to ‘step up’ and talk to the media?

Shon Barnes Shon Barnes, Deputy Chief of Police Salisbury Police Department

Carmen Best Carmen Best, Chief of Police, Seattle Police Department

Terry Gainer Terry Gainer,Chief (ret’d) United States Senate Sergeant at Arms


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