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Mastering New Essentials: Leader Skills 4

The BJA Executive Session on Police Leadership gathers brief, informal audio opinions on important and emerging issues.  We are grateful to our contributors for sharing their perspectives and giving of their time.

In this installment of our audio series, two authors of our web paper The Future Is Here And We Are Already Late: Leadership Challenges With Emerging Police Technology speak about key framing issues police leadership must take on. Reminding us that just because a technology is available does not mean we should use it, Deputy Commissioner (ret’d) Nola Joyce discusses the new arena of digital ethics and trust and Professor Mike Scott outlines 5 guiding principles leaders can follow in making technology decisions.
(2 audios, 6:24 and 5:21 minutes)  

Nola Joyce Nola Joyce, Deputy Commissioner (retired), Philadelphia Police Department

Michael Scott Michael Scott, Professor,Arizona State University School of Criminology & Criminal Justice and the Director of the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing

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