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Welcome. Inside this site it's like a street market, an urban landscape of billboards competing for the visitor's attention. Collectively, the billboards project an image of a new learning environment for the 21st century. Individually, the billboards pop up to define a wide range of learning possibilities. 

For a complete explanation of The Learner's Marketplace, please see Creating Leaders for the Future. The marketplace is based on the BJA Executive Session on Police Leadership's vision of the work and organization of the future and on the way police leaders told us they actually (rather than theoretically) developed.

In the marketplace, there are only four rules:

  1. All learning is individual – New methods and technologies have shifted power but also responsibility to the learner. In the marketplace, the learner pays attention and makes informed choices.
  2. All experience is relevant - Leaders develop in many ways – formal and informal, planned and unplanned, professional and non-professional. Harnessing the potential of all experience is central to creating leaders for the future
  3. Paths are unpredictable – Each leader finds his or her own non-linear development path, ventures across traditional boundaries and tracks progress.
  4. Culture is the glue – It is the responsibility of the leaders at the top to build and maintain a local environment that clearly values learning and connects experience to development.

Visit the marketplace often. In the organization of the future alert learners at all levels can make their way and thrive.


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