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Women in Police Leadership Tell Their Stories Part 2

As part of the BJA Executive Session on Police Leadership’s work on diversity, a group headed by Santa Barbara Assistant City Administrator and League of Women in Government Chief Administrative Officer, Pamela Antil worked with Marketing Director Angelica Weddell of the National Research Center (NRC) to create a series of videos featuring accomplished female police executives. These women tell us their stories with candor, humor, and insight.

Sharing the first hand experiences of women who have reached the top positions in law enforcement can help women coming up through the ranks and women who are contemplating a career in policing. These videos also serve and can be widely used as examples for everyone of the paths leaders take and the unique issues that come with the role.

The BJA ESPL wishes to thank the National Research Center for its contribution to our work.

This video features:
Janee Harteau - Former Chief of Police, Minneapolis, MN
Jeri Williams - Chief of Police, Pheonix, AZ
Kim Jacobs - Chief of Police, Columbus, OH

Speaker Biographies

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This video is produced and sponsored by National Research Center, Inc. ( NRC ). NRC is a leading survey research and evaluation firm focusing on the information requirements of the public sector. Their team of social scientists provides results of reliable opinion data from residents, employees and other stakeholders for performance measurement, strategic planning, budgeting, community engagement, innovation and more. Learn more about NRC at

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