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Leadership and Employee Retention

Since his arrival as Chief of the Greenville SC Police Department, Kenneth C. Miller has been pursuing a comprehensive and inclusive program of change. In Miller’s view, “A critical and often overlooked factor in successful organizational change requires employees to become involved in formulating the change they want to see. As leaders, it is our role to help them reach, to chart the path and to align systems to support and validate progress along the way.”

Working with an Executive Leadership consulting team from Clemson University, Chief Miller is pursuing some innovative approaches to understanding the department as a network rather than an organization chart and to improving performance, culture and retention through tools like the Leader Member Exchange Model (LMX).

Below is the link to an article outlining the research and recommendations from the early stages of the Greenville-Clemson partnership.

Immediately below are two audio clips previewing what readers will learn in the article.

Gail DePriestGail DePriest, Clemson University MBA Director Corporate Relations and Executive Leadership

ESPL: Gail, Chief Ken Miller brought you and your team into the Greenville Police Department to help assess the health of the organization. As you describe in the article, you began by conducting research on connectivity. Give our readers a brief overview of that research.

ESPL: As a result of the findings, you began your work with Chief Miller and his Command Staff. Please provide our readers with a preview of what they will read in the article.

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